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About Me

My name is Austin Ewens (aka aewens), and I am a systems engineer (among other things). My other skills include:

  • System administration
  • Software development
  • IT support
  • Graphics design

I pride myself on being able to use my knowledge of computers (servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, or phones) to:

  • Assemble them
  • Repair them
  • Resolve both software or hardware issues
  • Write software / scripts to perform almost any function

My experience includes:

  • Three years in the IT space (for consumer, business, and HPC technology)
  • Creating websites for various different businesses
  • Fifteen years honing my craft in self-taught software development

My side projects consist of:

  • Making bots
  • Sysadmin scripts
  • Data aggregation / manipulation
  • Service integration
  • Process automation


Past Website Work